Add the "personal" in relationships for success at work.

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The world is more connected today than at any other time in history. Technology has shattered the barriers of communication between people and groups to make it almost instantaneous.
But there is a down side.

The more people we have relationships with and the more technology tools we use, the harder it is to remember important details of all of these interactions

Why relationships matter?

In the world of business, there’s almost nothing that can help you to succeed at work more than positive relationships.
You can have the greatest technical skills in your job or be highly educated, but without being able to Fosterr solid relationships, your success will be compromised. Study after study has shown the individual benefits of positive work relationships, yet we’re never taught these skills or how to capture important details about your relationships in one place. Some of those necessary skills include:

Staying connected and in touch with important contacts

Scheduling important dates with notes

Remembering the exact details of your business conversations and interactions

Scheduling time to build relationships

Setting reminders to connect with your important contacts regularly

But now, we've got the answer!

Introducing the Fosterr app!

Fosterr is the app that helps you build and keep better relationships. With Fosterr, you’ll never forget details of your last conversation with business associates – no matter how long ago you connected! Relying on memory alone is a sure way to fail. Even those with sharp memories will occasionally forget important meetings, reminders, or details of a conversation.

Fosterr is for anyone who wants to improve their relationships at work. While it’s a natural fit for salespeople, it’s also great for people and project managers, those working on cross-functional teams or where influencing others is important.

With Fosterr, you never have to worry about that again. Fosterr is the app that’s your personal memory database. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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Safe, Secure and Simple to Use

Your data and personal information are just that – All yours.
We take privacy and security to the next level and we’ve engineered the app to be privacy focused from the start. Data is stored only on your personal device and can be backed up on your iCloud or Google Drive accounts. We never store your data on our servers and cannot access it.

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