The Fosterr Manifesto

Fosterr is built to help you improve your relationships. Be it personal or professional contacts, Fosterr helps remember details and strengthen bonds with people that matter. This does not have to be at the cost of your privacy. The data on our relationships is intimate and very personal, not an opportunity to show ads and profile our users. To protect that privacy, and to deliver an app you’ll love, we agreed on some fundamental principles. Here are our ideals that Fosterr is built upon.

We do not profit from data

We want to earn revenue by delivering a product that you find useful, not by selling your data to advertisers. To do that, Fosterr keeps your data on your device. Not on our servers. That means making difficult compromises on desirable features to protect individual privacy. That also means we will never be able to use your data for profit, let alone access it.

We’re in no hurry

Fosterr is a for-profit project but we’re in no hurry to impress investors or anyone else. We’re building this app to help ourselves and others like us. We expect people to pay for something that delivers value. There will be problems to solve along the way and we’ll solve them without compromising on our principles. There’s no pressure to hit quarterly targets and no jobs are at stake. We’re all employed and this side project moves slowly but steadily on our personal time.

Keep it simple

Can it connect to Facebook and LinkedIn and go through all my calls and messages to automatically profile my contacts? And use AI to suggest whom to call next and what to talk about?

Phew. We’ve heard all these questions before and yes, perhaps someone’s building a service that does all of that. We’re relying on human intelligence, intuition and simplicity to achieve the desired results. Trust yourself and find creative ways to use the app’s features. Tell us about it, we’re always curious.

Be transparent

Let’s face it. No one still reads the T&C before using a new app. We want to make it crystal clear what data we’re storing and why in plain simple English:

  • We never ask your for your personal information or even your email. We like our privacy and we respect yours.
  • All your data is stored on your device and on your iCloud/Google drive accounts. Not on our servers. We cannot access your data.
  • Analytics: If you opt-in to share analytics and crash reports, we anonymously track what features are being used to understand how users are using the app. This helps us plan improvements and fix bugs. If you allow cookies on the website, we track how users are browsing our website to improve it and ensure our value proposition is being clearly communicated.